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News | Gphysco

March 04 ,2021

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Gphysco has decided to no longer free style but to create lyrics from now on.

Reading with Coffee

News | Gphysco

January 17, 2021

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Gphysco has dropped a new single called "Waking Up" which will be available on March 05, 2021 12:00 A.M. EST.


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Info/History of Gphysco

Gphysco is singer/publisher who uploads music to all the music services. TheBeatsProductions was created on October 18,2019 and since then has been making and uploading music. Afterwards TheBeatsProductions became "GphyscoINC"

Gphysco's real name is Gabriel and he loved making music a few weeks before creating The Beats Productions, so he decided to then start this music path. 

Gabriel saw that every time he uploaded music he felt good about it and loved what he was doing.

Gabriel’s music passions began when he used to upload gaming content for viewers. He enjoyed that but as he started using music for his intros he heard and saw that it was beautiful and maybe he should give it a try. So he tried out his first song and published it on SoundCloud called “Alien Beat”. After publishing this release he felt good and inspired that he could continue and practice on if.

As he continues publishing songs he came across a discussion, and that is singing. Gabriel was nervous but he knew he had to overcome his fear which he did. His first song he published singing was “Don’t Play With Hoe’s”. From there on he slowly started singing in more songs into eventually just about every song he released was him singing in it.

“I decided to change from TheBeatsProductions to GphyscoINC because it sounds simple and something unique to my title." 

Gphysco afterwards created a Record Label called "Gold Music Records" which has 3 artist signed up already.

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